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In addition, they will help teach the importance of working hard to achieve success which Purple dragon believes can be transfered during the child's life into other significant areas.

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It is also important for the Karate Master to teach your children self-discipline, the importance of training and how to express creatively within a set of guidelines during every competition they participate in. Powered by Create Ecommerce.

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Purple Dragon Karate Academy. Age Groups:. Our classes start at the age of 4 years up-to age We also do a number of self-defence classes for adults. Classes will be seperated by age.

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A Karate Uniform is provided following the first 6 weeks of training. Insight Products.

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The purpose of the academy is to provide you with short learning videos related to Rapid7 solutions. This content will help you get started with Rapid7 products, answer frequently asked questions, provide guidance, troubleshoot common issues, and recommend best practices.

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