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This fabulous novel skillfully combines several distinct elements into a highly-satisfying whole: action, adventure, suspense, Welsh mythology, humor, and pitch-perfect characters that live and breathe on the page. This excellent series belongs in the collection of all urban fantasy fans. Hellforged is a darker tale than Deadtown, with less levity and a considerable ramping-up of the terror. She writes some great dialogue, and she always presents a fine sense of place or space.

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She also manages to make me care deeply about the most minor of characters; I was very saddened by the zombie deaths, even though Vicky only knew each of them but slightly. Full review here. A wide range of paranormals and a fast paced spectacular story awaits you.

Nancy Holzner is definitely an author to watch and with this second book she has secured her place on my must read list. The plot was smart and exciting; I enjoyed watching Vicki attempt to solve the mystery of the prophecy while trying to keep the world safe.

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Although it had a bit of familiarity about it, the storyline was original and kept me glued to the pages. In Hellforged new evils arise and all hell breaks loose. The zombies are targeted and it is up to Vicky to defend them while battling her own demon.

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The demons Vicky chases in Hellforged are bigger, badder and so much more fun. I love the unexpected twists and turns. The second Deadtown novel is jam packed with action.

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I love how I never knew where the story was going and all the characters including the doorman are so real. I heartily recommend this delicious page-turner! What Nancy does well is create drama with characters that the reader will love, backs that up with some seriously delicious prose and tops it off with a good dollop of kick ass action that is so fulfilling it feels like a five course banquet.

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A real treat and one that demonstrates that Deadtown is here to stay. Between long-lost and dangerous relatives , a major threat to humanity, and a resurgence of demon activity beyond previously known scales Vicky has a lot to fight through.

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One of the most inventive urban fantasy series out there. Subject: What is the difference between Relic and Hellforged? I know that Hellforged have more melee capabilities, but what do the Relics get for their lack of such bonuses? I know they share the same points cost, so obviously they have to have something better than the Chaos version to counter balance it. Subject: Re:What is the difference between Relic and Hellforged? Nope Relic just means it must have a non relic choice in that battle field role for each relic choice. Its actually a nerf.

Yeah it's basically a tax for the imperium stuff. One of my dudes that plays SM hates it.


Yep, it's more or less a balancing act because of the general increase in units the Imperium have access too. It's definitely a bonus for Chaos.

The Hellforged rules are pretty fantastic for some stuff too. Not a huge downside but it's obnoxious when you're barely below a bracket on a tank and the only way to buff it back is to charge with it. They also explode for d6 wounds against psykers. Oregon, USA. Yep, and our weapon profiles are different - though in some cases superior Rapier, etc. Good to know! As a WE player, I have no issue with trading smoke and saves for melee capability, but I can see the trade off not being as worth it for a different Legion.

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