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As both black and white pepper are now held in almost equal esteem, you might equip your hutch with twin hand-mills to do the grinding fresh, for this is always worth the trouble. Tabasco sauce is little used and needs a cautious hand, but some addicts can't leave it out any more than they can swear off the Worcestershire.

The school that plumps for malty Rabbits and the other that goes for milky ones are equally emphatic in their choice.

Wine and food matching

So let us consider the compromise of our old friend Frederick Philip Stieff, the Baltimore homme de bouche , as he set it forth for us years ago in 10, Snacks : "The idea of cooking a Rabbit with beer is an exploded and dangerous theory. Tap your keg or open your case of ale or beer and serve with , not in your Rabbit. Grease well with butter the interior of your double boiler so that no hard particles of cheese will form in the mixture later and contribute undesirable lumps.

Put cheese, well-grated, into the double boiler and add butter and milk. From this point vigorous stirring should be indulged in until Rabbit is ready for serving. Prepare a mixture of Worcestershire sauce, mustard, pepper, salt and paprika.


These should be beaten until light and then slowly poured into the double boiler. Nothing now remains to be done except to stir and cook down to proper consistency over a fairly slow flame. The finale has not arrived until you can drip the rabbit from the spoon and spell the word finis on the surface. Pour over two pieces of toast per plate and send anyone home who does not attack it at once.

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Nota bene : A Welsh Rabbit, to be a success, should never be of the consistency whereby it may be used to tie up bundles, nor yet should it bounce if inadvertently dropped on the kitchen floor. Lady Llanover's Toasted Welsh Rabbit. Cut a slice of the real Welsh cheese made of sheep's and cow's milk; toast it at the fire on both sides, but not so much as to drop melt. It must not be saturated.

Lay the toasted cheese upon the untoasted bread side and serve immediately on a very hot plate. The butter on the toast can, of course, be omitted.

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  6. It is more frequently eaten without butter. From this original toasting of the cheese many Englishmen still call Welsh Rabbit "Toasted Cheese," but Lady Llanover goes on to point out that the Toasted Rabbit of her Wales and the Melted or Stewed Buck Rabbit of England which has become our American standard are as different in the making as the regional cheeses used in them, and she says that while doctors prescribed the toasted Welsh as salubrious for invalids, the stewed cheese of Olde England was "only adapted to strong digestions.

    English literature rings with praise for the toasted cheese of Wales and England. There is Christopher North's eloquent "threads of unbeaten gold, shining like gossamer filaments that may be pulled from its tough and tenacious substance. Old friendships are destroyed by toasted cheese, and hard salted meat has led to suicide.

    The Lord had been complaining to St. Peter of the dearth of good singers in Heaven. Why are not those singers here with me? Peter said, "They are the Welsh. They refuse to come in; they say they are happy enough outside, playing with a ball and boxing and singing such songs as ' Suspan Fach '". The Lord said, "I wish them to come in here to sing Bach and Mendelssohn. See that they are in before sundown. Peter went to the Welsh and gave them the commands of the Lord.

    But still they shook their heads. Harassed, St. Peter went to consult with St. David, who, with a smile, was reading the works of Caradoc Evans. David said, "Try toasted cheese. Build a fire just inside the gates and get a few angels to toast cheese in front of it" This St.

    Peter did. The heavenly aroma of the sizzling, browning cheese was wafted over the walls and, with loud shouts, a great concourse of the Welsh came sprinting in. When sufficient were inside to make up a male voice choir of a hundred, St Peter slammed the gates. However, it is said that these are the only Welsh in Heaven. And, lest we forget, the wonderful drink that made Alice grow and grow to the ceiling of Wonderland contained not only strawberry jam but toasted cheese.

    And, perhaps worst of all, Shakespeare, no cheese-lover, this tune in Merry Wives of Windsor :. An elaboration of the simple Welsh original went English with Dr. Maginn's Rabbit. Much is to be said in favor of toasted cheese for supper. It is the cant to say that Welsh rabbit is heavy eating.

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    I like it best in the genuine Welsh way, however—that is, the toasted bread buttered on both sides profusely, then a layer of cold roast beef with mustard and horseradish, and then, on the top of all, the superstratum, of Cheshire thoroughly saturated, while, in the process of toasting, with genuine porter, black pepper, and shallot vinegar. I peril myself upon the assertion that this is not a heavy supper for a man who has been busy all day till dinner in reading, writing, walking or riding—who has occupied himself between dinner and supper in the discussion of a bottle or two of sound wine, or any equivalent—and who proposes to swallow at least three tumblers of something hot ere he resigns himself to the embrace of Somnus.

    With these provisos, I recommend toasted cheese for supper. The popularity of this has come down to us in the succinct summing-up, "Toasted cheese hath no master.

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    The Welsh original became simple after Dr. Maginn's supper sandwich was served, a century and a half ago; for it was served as a savory to sum up and help digest a dinner, in this form:. After-Dinner Rabbit. Remove all crusts from bread slices, toast on both sides and soak to saturation in hot beer. Melt thin slices of sharp old cheese in butter in an iron skillet, with an added spot of beer and dry English mustard.

    Stir steadily with a wooden spoon and, when velvety, serve a-sizzle on piping hot beer-soaked toast. While toasted cheese undoubtedly was the Number One dairy dish of Anglo-Saxons, stewed cheese came along to rival it in Elizabethan London. Johnson later presided.

    And it must have been the pick of the town back in the days when barrooms still had sawdust on the floor, for the learned Doctor endorsed old Omar Khayyam's love of the pub with: "There is nothing which has been contrived by man by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern. Perhaps it is just as well that no description of the world's first Golden Buck has come down from him.

    But we don't have to look far for on-the-spot pen pictures by other men of letters at "The Cheese," as it was affectionately called. To a man they sang praises for that piping hot dish of preserved and beatified milk. Inspired by stewed cheese, Mark Lemon, the leading rhymester of Punch , wrote the following poem and dedicated it to the memory of Lovelace:. All that's necessary is an old-time "cheese stewer" or a reasonable substitute.

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    The base of this is what was once quaintly called a "hot-water bath. In these tins the cheese is melted.

    But since such a tinsmith's contraption is hard to come by in these days of fireproof cooking glass, we suggest muffin tins, ramekins or even small cups to crowd into the bottom of your double boiler or chafing dish. But beyond this we plump for a revival of the "cheese stewer" in stainless steel, silver or glass.

    Paris: Small-Group Cheese and Wine Tasting in Le Marais

    In the ritual at "The Cheese," these dishes, brimming over, "bubbling and blistering with the stew," followed a pudding that's still famous. Although down the centuries the recipe has been kept secret, the identifiable ingredients have been itemized as follows: "Tender steak, savory oyster, seductive kidney, fascinating lark, rich gravy, ardent pepper and delicate paste"—not to mention mushrooms. And after the second or third helping of pudding, with a pint of stout, bitter, or the mildest and mellowest brown October Ale in a dented pewter pot, "the stewed Cheshire cheese.

    Cheese was the one and only other course prescribed by tradition and appetite from the time when Charles II aled and regaled Nell Gwyn at "The Cheese," where Shakespeare is said to have sampled this "kind of a glorified Welsh Rarebit, served piping hot in the square shallow tins in which it is cooked and garnished with sippets of delicately colored toast. Among early records is this report of Addison's in The Spectator of September 25, They yawn for a Cheshire cheese, and begin about midnight, when the whole company is disposed to be drowsy. He that yawns widest, and at the same time so naturally as to produce the most yawns amongst his spectators, carries home the cheese.

    Little Cheese and Wine Book Little Cheese and Wine Book
    Little Cheese and Wine Book Little Cheese and Wine Book
    Little Cheese and Wine Book Little Cheese and Wine Book
    Little Cheese and Wine Book Little Cheese and Wine Book
    Little Cheese and Wine Book Little Cheese and Wine Book

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