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Dec 01, Gord Jones rated it really liked it. I don't remember how but somehow I stumbled upon a series of books put out by Penguin Publishing called Extraordinary Canadians. There are a couple of books in the series that looked quite interesting so I thought I would start off with Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont by Joseph Boyden, an author who grew up in the same area that I did, Willowdale, which is now part of Toronto.

I know of the North-West Rebellion but have only read one book about it so thought this book would help me understand the conflict better. I was right! This is an excellent book, told from the viewpoints of both Riel and Dumont. Boyden does a great job of getting into the heads, hearts and souls of the two leaders of the rebellion, allowing the reader to understand who these men were and why they allowed events to unfold as they did.

I had a lot of sympathy for Dumont, who knew a bloody conflict was inevitable and wanted to take the first action, which would bring more Metis and native volunteers to the cause, but just as important, a great supply of arms and ammunition. Riel, though, believed the Metis cause could be fulfilled through a peaceful political resistance which would make Prime Minister John A. MacDonald cave into their demands. Dumont's strategies, even in the midst of a battle, was constantly being vetoed by Riel, always hoping for a more peaceable way.

The North-West Rebellion is an important part of history and Boyden tells the story in a very lively fashion. This is book that I highly recommend! Mar 12, Monika rated it really liked it Shelves: canada , biographical.

Extraordinary Canadians | John Ralston Saul

Ok first, I'm really wondering what I learned in Canadian history because this was a great story and I don't remember any of it from school. It would be awesome! You've got Louis Riel, a religious zealot, Canadian Ok first, I'm really wondering what I learned in Canadian history because this was a great story and I don't remember any of it from school. Is he the good guy? Is he the bad guy?

Is he just some crazy guy who was backing the underdog? In the first skirmish after seeing his brother shot dead, he leaves himself in the open and gets shot in the head. Gabriel's cousin approaches realizing that Gabriel is not dead and is also shot, Gabriel survives. You've got battles, the crashing of a the steamer in Batoche would be great a scene , you've got crazy religious antics, you've got chases, and finally Louis surrenders and is tried for treason.

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The Mounties who are the bad guys in this story lock him in a cell with his leg chained to the wall until his trial where is he found guilty. World leaders speak out against the verdict as Louis was a religious man of peace and considered a political prisoner. John A MacDonald does not bow to international pressure and Louis is executed. Louis's wife dies 6 months later from tuberculosis, his daughter dies from diphtheria, his son in a buggy accident.

Canada then grants him amnesty but he continues to travel. He finally returns to Canada to live out his last years. After returning home from a hunting trip feels pain in his chest and drops dead. Good stuff. Jan 15, Lucinda rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction , canada. OK so I have gone about this all backwards. But I didn't. While I did have some general knowledge about the events surrounding the Red River Rebellion and Louis Riel's trial, there was a whole lot of which I was ignorant. In general I am fascinated with 19th century Canada and its struggles - they seem so foreign to the Canada that I know today.

The way in which John OK so I have gone about this all backwards. The way in which John A. His vision of Canada did not include the Metis that much is clear from Boyden's book. But the most interesting elements of the book are, of course, the close examination of Riel and Dumont, of the kinds of men that they were and the decisions that they made. Riel is a fascinating man and Boyden does a great job capturing how incredibly complex an individual he was.

There could have been more on Dumont, Boyden doesn't move very far beyond the Buffalo Hunter prairie-man stereotype for my liking.

Extraordinary Canadians: Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont

The prose of the book is not exactly innovative, and I suspect that Boyden might have been put under some pressure by the editors of the series, but it still made for a pleasurable read. View 1 comment. Mar 23, Noel rated it liked it Shelves: colonization , metis-history , canadian-history , biographies. Because it is such a short book, I found the read to be done very well for its stature. I like how the book begins, where Gabriel goes in search of Louis in the Montanas and the efforts he goes through to find this man. I like how Mr. Boyden writes this part. In terms of Louis, it is sad that this man suffered as he did What I learned that i did not know before, is that there was international pressure put onto the young Government of Canada to not hang Louis Riel.

This book makes me want to read more on the subject of Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont. I critique his usage of sources from Prof. Thomas Flanagan.

Also, watching youtube videos of his promotion of this book, I felt it should have been a better read. This book left me feeling extremely ambivalent. It's not really a potted biography of Riel and Dumont; it's more the story of the Northwest Rebellion through Dumont's eyes. At least, I think it is, because if it's through Josephy Boyden's eyes MacDonald, and the depiction of Louis Riel as a pitiable figure, leave a terrible after-taste in my mouth.

I'm simply not sure what the main thrust of this work was i This book left me feeling extremely ambivalent. I'm simply not sure what the main thrust of this work was intended to convey -- there is plenty of tragedy to go around, but I can't work out the focus. Is it Riel's vision of himself? Is it Dumont as witness to the end of an era? Is it the victory of bigotry and hatred? Whichever one it might be, I'm still left feeling highly unsatisfied. Mar 18, Mammagoose11 rated it it was ok. Probably was the case - I don't doubt the racism and abuse that is endemic in our political system to Native Peoples in Canada, but this just felt like Boyden wasn't really balanced.

Other than one sentence to the effect that "John A. That's it. No other attempt to view the motives for the actions of the government in the context of the day. I'll stick with his books like Three Day Road and Orenda Jul 11, Jennifer rated it it was ok Shelves: non-fiction. It was just OK given the fact I was expecting more from the author who was an award winning Canadian novelist. McDonald and the Canadian government as the corrupt and evil empire. Still, the book did accomplish want I wanted to do, and that was to learn more about the two key individuals of the Riel Rebellions.

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Jul 26, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: canadian-content , read-in , non-fiction , biography , self-education , history , excellent , manitoba , manitoba-sandra. The police began to flee. The police and volunteers lost 10 men and had 13 wounded, two of whom became additional fatalities.

After the Battle of Duck Lake, the federal government, fearing a large-scale Indigenous uprising, sent the Canadian troops and militia, as part of the North West Field Force under the control of Gen. Frederick Middleton out west. With men under his command, Middleton began his march to the Batoche area in early April On April 23, , Gen.

Gabriel Dumont

Upon hearing this intelligence, Louis Riel decided to leave with 50 men to reinforce Batoche. The fighting started at 9 a. At this point, Dumont stopped 15 of his men from deserting. He also had 15 horsemen, which meant that he was left with approximately 60 men to fight soldiers. When the wind shifted, he then returned to his 15 horsemen after trying to get back to the rest of his main force in the rifle pits.

He returned to find that the Dakota had retired from the fighting. It was at this point, only seven men remained with Gabriel Dumont, that reinforcements came. Marguerite Caron, wife and mother of some of the participants, had compelled Louis Riel to send in the reinforcements.

This action led to Gen. They also lost 55 horses in the battle. Middleton reached Batoche at about 9 a. Both houses burned to the ground. The Gatling gun was also fired on the rectory, and one of the bullets went through the wall and hit Father Moulin in the leg. Anthony Everitt. Young Benjamin Franklin.

Edward Said. Dominique Edde. The Ghosts of Eden Park. Karen Abbott.

Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont
Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont
Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont
Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont
Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont
Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont
Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont
Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont

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