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When a friend with health problems needed to join a Benefis Health System "healthy hearts" program, Miles said she would join, too, and they could go together. Miles was a rare woman who achieved a position of deaconess in the church. She slipped money to those who stopped by the church to say they were out of food, couldn't pay for a prescription or needed gas money.

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Reed said people gave her funny looks for the way she'd tease Miles for what she described as guilt trips. She thought it was so funny, and she knew I was teaching her the way I had teased my mom," she said. She wasn't a negative person. She was full of joy, and we laughed a lot. After losing her husband, Robert, in and beating breast cancer, Miles seemed to find new inner strength and she found her voice, Reed said.

She had an incredible life and years is a long time to wait for that final reward," she said. That's something I'm going to always remember and work hard to emulate, that spiritual peace. In eulogizing Paulus, Rev. She was tiny, pragmatic and optimistic. Paulus was a teacher at the Plainview School north of Power and then in Choteau before marrying a farmer.

As an old lady, she returned to the classroom for more than a decade when she signed up as a volunteer listening to children read.

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A kinder, more patient pair of ears there never was. She returned to Nairobi twice to support the Kenya Methodist University. She connected with a village that had sketchy electricity but needed another sewing machine.

She went home, dug her pedal-powered sewing machine out of the basement and sent it to Africa. You must know her.

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  • Sammy Jo Macpherson? Don't blow it! Except she had no desire to get involved in a relationship right now. And definitely not one with a hunter.

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    The money she did make she spent on lawyer fees trying to sort it all out. Jace pulled his straw hat off his head and held the brim flat against his chest. Delaney stiffened as Gavin McKinley joined them. His property lay a short distance down the trail behind her family's ranch and sometimes he crossed the line.

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    In more ways than one. She'd already taken three steps back, hoping she could slink off while the others were talking, but she hadn't been fast enough. Gavin grabbed hold of her arm and spun her around. I suppose you'll need to pick up some extra photography jobs now that Labor Day's approaching.

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    Isn't Collins Country Cabins about ready to close up for the season? Delaney shook her head. Actually, we've decided to stay open during the fall this year.

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    Is your family trying to steal my business? He also rented out guest cabins, not nearly as nice as her family's, but perfect for the barbarian hunters he housed, equipped, and led on backcountry expeditions.

    Jace stepped between them, forcing Gavin to drop his arm away from her. McKinley, you'll have to excuse us. I'm scheduled for a private photo shoot before it's my turn to compete and we only have twenty minutes. To Delaney's relief, the outdoor outfitter hesitated a moment, glanced at each of them, and then stormed away in a huff. Jace grinned and once again Delaney watched his gaze turn toward her. She hesitated as the horrifying image of Gavin shooting the beautiful young doe she'd nursed back to health when she was sixteen played out once again in her mind.

    She'd never forgotten, nor forgiven him. Sammy Jo gave her another small jab and Delaney winced. Not from pain, only from her own inadequacy at intelligent speech. If she kept talking, most likely the rodeo hero would realize she couldn't put two sentences together in his presence and leave her alone.

    Except he didn't seem to be through with her yet. His grin widened into a full smile, one that consumed half his face and displayed rows of perfect white teeth that would probably make most women weak in the knees. She wasn't most women. Just when she thought they were finally about to get back to business. Jace let out a small chuckle.

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    C'mon, Del, get closer to him and turn around. What's the matter with you? How about we use the camera on my cell phone? Delaney frowned as he whipped out a phone from the inside pocket of his lightweight jacket and handed it to her friend. The man probably collected photos of women from every town he pulled into along the rodeo circuit. His cell phone was probably full of them.

    Why would Sammy Jo want to encourage him? However, rather than cause a scene, she did as she was told.

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    Better to get it over with so Sammy Jo wouldn't make a big deal of it, as she had an infuriating way of doing. Taking a step closer to the man, she glanced up into his face and the intensity of his gaze stole her breath. She glanced away and turned toward the camera. With a slight tug, he pulled her even closer. Jace's smooth, alluring voice repeated the word. Delaney didn't say anything, but counted the seconds in her head. One, two, three.

    Montana Hearts Montana Hearts
    Montana Hearts Montana Hearts
    Montana Hearts Montana Hearts
    Montana Hearts Montana Hearts
    Montana Hearts Montana Hearts
    Montana Hearts Montana Hearts
    Montana Hearts Montana Hearts
    Montana Hearts Montana Hearts
    Montana Hearts

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