Open Book: Managing Your eBooks with Calibre

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Test Driving The Conversion Engine

You can think of Calibre as your one-stop personal, automated library. Once you add your books to the library it will allow you to sort by title, author, series, publish date, the publisher or even the date you added it to the library or the size of the file.

Introduction to Calibre - e-book management system

Calibre also allows you to add custom tags to eBook files that let you filter to custom, specific groups of books. You can also give eBooks ratings so you can remember books that you particularly enjoyed. As you saw earlier, there are quite a few different eBook formats — and those were just the common ones! Never fear! Calibre is able to convert pretty much any non-DRM format to pretty much any other format and manage the multiple copies.

Calibre recognises most of the popular eReaders by default and allows you to choose which eBooks to put on which devices without having to use another application. Calibre also has a feature called a content server, which allows you to connect to the Calibre library directly from the eReader itself wirelessly assuming your device has wireless capabilities, of course! Another interesting feature that Calibre has is its ability to take the latest articles from almost any news source and package them into a single eBook.

How To Create An Ebook With Calibre In Linux [Complete Guide]

As I mentioned earlier, Calibre has a built in feature called a content server. This basically creates a list of books that can be accessed via a web browser by any computer or device on your local network. Any book, anytime, anywhere! Calibre is really, really simple to get. The last setting to worry about is whether or not you want to enable the content server. The icon with the books basically provides information on your library as a whole; the heart is for donating to Calibre, if you so choose. Next up is to browse to the folder where you keep all your books.

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Calibre will now create a copy of all your books in the Calibre library folder you created earlier. When Calibre has finished importing all your books that empty library will start to look a little like this:. Thankfully, Calibre allows bulk editing. Quick and simple, right? Converting eBooks is another one of those processes that sounds a lot more complicated than it really is. I know that Kindles can read.

An ebook reader for anyone with an aversion to Amazon

This window gives me the opportunity to change any metadata as I go, but I have it how I want it. Any jobs that are in process or queued are shown in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, with a spinning wheel to signify that a job is in process. Clicking on each one opens up the appropriate version in the built in reader. Syncing books to your device is quick and painless — just plug your device in while Calibre is running and it will detect that it has been connected.

When you sync books to iTunes they show up under the books tab in the library with all the metadata transferred. When you click the button a new window comes up with a comprehensive list of popular news sources, organised by language and country. When you select a particular source you are able to schedule it to download as well as choose the schedule options. This will schedule all the sources to be downloaded at their specified times.

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When all is said and done the finished eBook will look something like this:. First you need to make sure that the content server is switched on. What does this mean? Any other device will open the book in its default eBook application. One blog post, written by Justin, shows how to combine Dropbox and Calibre for universal access to all your eBooks. Check it out here!

Stanza is a brilliant app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad which makes it really simple to get and read eBooks. Now add eBooks to your iPhone through iTunes , or emails. Email is the easiest way you can do that. Simply attach your ebooks to an email then send it to yourself. After that go to download the books from email to your iPhone.

Six Integrated Functions to Manage Your EBooks

If you have not added any email accounts on iPhone, you can refer to this guide to set up Hotmail on iPhone , just as an example. Except the above two methods, Calibre has also the Content Server feature that can turn your PC or Mac into a server so your mobile devices can connect to them wireless to download ebooks.

Should you have any further inquiries about ePub books converting or sending them from computer to iPhone, feel free to leave us a message in the comment section below. Update Nov this article was originally published in Oct and has since been updated. In this update, we added the new screenshots to reflect the changes in the latest version of Calibre for Windows.

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Your email address will not be published. Step 1. With these tools, you can change the font, style, images, etc. Calibre also provides a convenient avenue to download new eBooks. Along with the management features, Calibre supports a wide array of popular eBook file formats. In addition to supporting eBook formats, Calibre can also read popular word processing files with. DOCX ,.

A User's Guide To Calibre eBook Manager

DOC , and. ODT extensions. Calibre is a good eBook managing application.

Open Book: Managing Your eBooks with Calibre Open Book: Managing Your eBooks with Calibre
Open Book: Managing Your eBooks with Calibre Open Book: Managing Your eBooks with Calibre
Open Book: Managing Your eBooks with Calibre Open Book: Managing Your eBooks with Calibre
Open Book: Managing Your eBooks with Calibre Open Book: Managing Your eBooks with Calibre
Open Book: Managing Your eBooks with Calibre Open Book: Managing Your eBooks with Calibre
Open Book: Managing Your eBooks with Calibre Open Book: Managing Your eBooks with Calibre

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