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Unruh Quantum. Horizon entropy - Jacobson, Ted et al. Black hole entanglement entropy regularized in a freely falling frame - Jacobson, Ted et al. D77 arXiv Bardeen, B. Carter, S. Hawking Four. Volume 31, Number 2, , ProjectEuclid. Energy and angular momentum flow into a black hole - Hawking, S. Global extensions of space-times describing asymptotic final states of black holes - Racz, Istvan et al.

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Carter Rigidity. Reversible and irreversible transforations in black hole physics - Christodoulou, D. Reversible transformations of a charged black hole - Christodoulou, D. D4 Jacobson Intro. A Glimpse. Macdonald and W.

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Suen Membrane. D33 Gourgoulhon An Introduction. Average entropy of a subsystem - Page, Don N.

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An Action for black hole membranes - Parikh, Maulik et al. Les Houches lectures on de Sitter space - Spradlin, Marcus et al. The Holographic fluid dual to vacuum Einstein gravity - Compere, Geoffrey et al.

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B arXiv Black hole-black string phase transitions from hydrodynamics - Maeda, Kei-ichi et al. Blackfolds - Emparan, Roberto arXiv Einstein's vierbein field theory of curved space - Yepez, Jeffrey arXiv Finkelstein Past-Future.

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Asymmetry of the Gravitational Field of a Point Particle Entropy and area - Srednicki, Mark Phys. Topological entanglement entropy - Kitaev, Alexei et al. Bravyi, M. Hastings, F.

Verstraete Lieb-Robinson. Microscopic origin of the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy - Strominger, Andrew et al. Thermodynamics of magnetized Kerr-Newman black holes - Gibbons, G. D89 no. Systematics of black hole binary inspiral kicks and the slowness approximation - Price, Richard H. D83 arXiv Black-hole horizons as probes of black-hole dynamics II: geometrical insights - Jaramillo, Jose Luis et al. D85 arXiv Gorenstein, V. Konchakovski, B. Multiplicity fluctuations in relativistic nuclear collisions: statistical model versus experimental data, J.

G 35, M. Statistical Ensembles with Volume Fluctuations, J. Gorenstein, M. Hauer, O.


Viscosity in the excluded volume hadron gas model, Phys. C 77, V. C 78, V. Lungwitz, M. Gorenstein, E. C 78, M. Faber, A. Kobushkin, M. Shape vibrations of topological fermions, Adv.

Borisyuk, A. Two-photon exchange in dispersion approach, Phys. C 78, A. Kobushkin and Ya. Effect of the Coulomb interaction in A d,p fragmentation, Ukr. Martynov, B. C 56, Yu. Sinyukov, Yu. Karpenko, A.

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G 35, Yu. Sinyukov, S. Akkelin, Iu. Amelin, Iu. Karpenko, Yu. Sinyukov et al. Fast hadron freeze-out generator. Part II. Noncentral collisions, Phys. C 77, S. Akkelin, Y. Hama, Iu. Hydro-kinetic approach to relativistic heavy ion collisions, Phys. C 78, O. Borisenko, M. Gravina, A. Critical behavior of the compact 3d U 1 theory in the limit of zero spatial coupling, J. Anchishkin, U.

Physics Reports vol.256 Physics Reports vol.256
Physics Reports vol.256 Physics Reports vol.256
Physics Reports vol.256 Physics Reports vol.256
Physics Reports vol.256 Physics Reports vol.256
Physics Reports vol.256 Physics Reports vol.256
Physics Reports vol.256 Physics Reports vol.256
Physics Reports vol.256 Physics Reports vol.256
Physics Reports vol.256 Physics Reports vol.256
Physics Reports vol.256

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