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Pinkus Interpolation by ridge functions J. Theory 73 Buck On approximation theory and functional equations J. Chui and X. Li Approximation by ridge functions and neural networks with one hidden layer J. Dahmen and C.

On the representation by sums of ridge functions

Micchelli Some remarks on ridge functions Approx. Theory Appl. Diliberto and E. Straus On the approximation of a function of several variables by the sum of functions of fewer variables Pacific J. Donoho and I. Johnstone Projection-based approximation and a duality method with kernel methods Ann.

AMS (1991) subject classification

Friedman and W. Stuetzle Projection pursuit regression J. Golitschek and W.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical - Intelligent Locations and Functions

Light Approximation by solutions of the planar wave equation Siam J. Golomb Approximation by functions of fewer variables On numerical approximation. Pro- ceedings of a Symposium.

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  • Towards mechanized mathematical assistants: 14th symposium, Calculemus 2007, 6th international conference, MKM 2007, Hagenberg, Austria, June 27-30, 2007: proceedings.

Madison Edited by R. The University of Wisconsin Press. Gordon V. Maiorov M. Meyer S. Reisner On the best approximation by ridge functions in the uniform norm Constr. SSSR Ser. USSR Izv. Huber Projection pursuit Ann.

R: Plot Ridge Functions for Projection Pursuit Regression Fit

Ismailov Approximation by ridge functions and neural networks with a bounded number of neurons Appl. Ismailov and A. Pinkus Interpolation on lines by ridge functions J.

Theory Ismailov A note on the representation of continuous functions by linear superpositions Expo. Ismailov On the proximinality of ridge functions Sarajevo J.

ridge: Ridge Regression with Automatic Selection of the Penalty Parameter

Ismailov On the representation by linear superpositions J. Ismailov Characterization of an extremal sum of ridge functions. Ismailov On error formulas for approximation by sums of univariate functions Int.

Minimax lower bounds for ridge combinations including neural nets

Ismailov Methods for computing the least deviation from the sums of functions of one variable Russian Sibirskii Mat. Zhurnal 47 ; translation in Siberian Math. Ya Lin and A. Pinkus Fundamentality of ridge functions J.

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Theory 75 To gain access to an article immediately, use the Pay Per Article feature. Sign in Help View Cart. Approximation by Ridge Functions and Neural Networks. Related Databases.

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  8. Web of Science You must be logged in with an active subscription to view this. Keywords approximation error , ridge functions , neural networks. Publication Data. ISSN print : Publisher: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Pencho P.

    Ridge Functions Ridge Functions
    Ridge Functions Ridge Functions
    Ridge Functions Ridge Functions
    Ridge Functions Ridge Functions
    Ridge Functions Ridge Functions
    Ridge Functions Ridge Functions

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