The Diving Pool: Three Novellas

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Thanks for reviewing a book that I probably wouldn't have come across otherwise. Wow, the books sounds fascinating, especially the last story. Thanks for the great review, I will look for Ogawa's books the next time I'm at the library! Aart, yay! I'm so glad ; Enjoy her work! Priya, it was!

You are going to love it!

'The Diving Pool': Three psychologically subversive novellas

The time you and I talked about this author you were just as enthusiastic. I just downloaded Revenge on audio based on your recommendation. I'm worried about the audio though. Like, maybe it will be hard to follow?

We'll see. Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. The length of each encouraged me to think about each story, and why what happened happened. Also, the length let me draw many of my own conclusions. I've often been tempted to try Yoko Ogawa's books - my work colleague has repeatedly told me that The Housekeeper and The Professor is a must read and I've picked up her books in bookshops many times, yet put them back due to price.

I was pleasantly surprised that my local library had a copy of The Diving Pool not only on the shelf but in a condition that suggested nobody's lunch had ever been spilled on it! Always a bonus. The Diving Pool contains three novellas and can easily be read in a day. The first story, The Diving Pool, is about a girl who lives with many foster brothers and sisters.

Every day, she watches her foster brother practise diving. Unfortunately, she is not as nice to her other siblings The second story, The Pregnancy Diaries, is a diary of a young woman living with her sister and her brother-in-law.

The World's Deepest Swimming Pool

The diary starts as the sister announces she is pregnant, but the sister has all sorts of strange things going on The final story, Dormitory, is about a young woman about to depart for Sweden. She reminisces to her cousin about her college days in a dormitory.

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He goes to live there when he starts college, but mysterious things are happening. The caretaker is a triple amputee and the students are disappearing All three stories are written beautifully and sparsely, leaving you to make up your own mind to what may have actually happened. All facets of human nature are laid bare from jealousy to cruelty.

The Diving Pool : Three Novellas -

There's an element of the gothic or horror to each story. When trying to explain this book to a friend, her response was 'you read weird stuff' but I think Japanese literature is a lot more brutally honest in its assessment of the human psyche. I look forward to reading one of Ogawa's novels soon. Read it if: you enjoy the slightly creepy and can handle people doing strange things.

I have no idea what to expect with this book but it did not disappoint me. The stories do not contain complicated scenes but the turning points of it are remarkable. Each stories draw feelings. One more thing, it is absurd and awry. My reactions based on the novellas:The Diving PoolUh-oh..

I did not expect that will happen. Pregnancy DiaryOops.

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I had the instinct how it will end but I hoped for another one. I expect something cruel or absurd things to happen. If you don't like stories without conclusions, this is not for you. A friend sent me Yoko Ogawa's The Diving Pool after I read and enjoyed The Housekeeper and the Professor, a sweet novel about a woman and her son, and their unique relationship with a mathematics professor.

This book, The Diving Pool, is a group of three novellas, and it is so different from [The Housekeeper and the Professor] that it is difficult to believe that they are by the same author. The first novella, The Diving Pool, is about a teenage girl who falls in love with her step-brother. She watches his diving practice everyday after school, slipping out at the end before he can see her. At first this seems like a cute first crush, but things soon take an obsessive turn.

The second novella, Pregnancy Diary, is told throught he diary of a young woman living with her pregnant sister and brother-in-law. Again, things start out rather normally, but soon become disturbing. The third novella, Dormitory, is about a woman who returns to her college residence years after her graduation. This dorm has fallen into disrepair, and the narrator is sucked into the rather sinister life of the crippled Manager of the building.

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Ogawa's prose and the work of her translator is beautiful. She is a master at creating a mood - all of these stories made me feel rather creeped out - and at exploring the inner workings of the human mind. Her prose is detailed, yet sparse; she is an author who knows how to get the most out of just a few words.

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So why, then, the low 2. Each of these stories has huge potential. They set up an obsessive character, give these characters destructive habits, and then right when the reader thinks something terrible is going to happen Three times I felt my imagination kick into gear, felt as though some horriffic event was going to occur, and then each time I was let down.

Nothing happened. These stories all had such potential, but Ogawa never took that last step. She made the horrible mundane, or just simply avoided the implecations of her characters' actions. Don't let this book be your only attempt at Ogawa's bibliography - The Housekeeper and the Professor was very good, and I will definitely search out more of her books. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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The Diving Pool: Three Novellas The Diving Pool: Three Novellas
The Diving Pool: Three Novellas The Diving Pool: Three Novellas
The Diving Pool: Three Novellas The Diving Pool: Three Novellas
The Diving Pool: Three Novellas The Diving Pool: Three Novellas
The Diving Pool: Three Novellas The Diving Pool: Three Novellas

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